Weekly Update:

Notes For Parents:

  • Georgetown will hold Zoom conferences on 3/8 & 3/10. You should have received and email from me earlier this week regarding the upcoming conferences. Please sign up here if you haven’t done so already. I look forward to seeing all of you soon!
  • March is reading Month! Please take a look at our upcoming calendar as we Saddle up for our Wild West themed March is reading month! Your child took home a reading log that should be filled out each day to reach our goal of 150 minutes of reading each week!

Weekly Highlights:

Math: This week we continued to learn about fractions. We learned about Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions. We also learned how to add and subtract them, as well as practicing how to solve word problems with fractions. Today we started learning about multiplying fractions.

Writing: We continued to analyze narrative pieces by identifying the theme or the main idea of the story and then supporting it with evidence from the text.

Reading: We had quite the fun surprise this week. We had the opportunity to talk with someone who lives in Denmark, in Copenhagen, the city in which our Novel Number the Stars took place. We were able to learn more about the culture, hear the language and learn more about the history with this awesome Zoom call!

Our next historical book club topic will be about Civil Rights. This week we spent time getting familiar with and honoring African culture and heritage. We spent time learning about Slavery in America in order to better understand the Civil Rights Movement.

Family Time

Mindful Maker Award: Kaitlyn!

We started a new award: Class Leader. This award goes to someone who shows leadership skills throughout the week. The Leader of the Week has the opportunity to lead our class Morning Meeting and our Family Time on Friday. Lyla was chosen as our next Class Leader!

Quote of the Week: “Fall down 7 times, stand up 8” goes to Robbie.

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