Weekly Update

Notes For Parents:

  • I hope you are enjoying this winter wonderland! Hopefully we will be back to school on Tuesday. Enjoy your long weekend!
  • Last week I sent out information about our Valentines Party. If you need more information make sure to look at my last post.  We will celebrate on Friday, February 12. Please sign up here if you would like to supply something for our class party. Thank you so much!

Weekly Highlights:

Math: This week we reviewed and began testing students knowledge on solving word problems. We began learning about factors, prime and composite numbers as well.

Writing: We continue to work on our personal essay’s. Students have come up with great stories using evidence from their own life to support their big ideas like: giving is better than receiving, two wrongs don’t make a right, never give up, and be kind.

Reading: We continue to read Number the Stars as a class and focus on our World War II book club books. This week we looked at how nonfiction texts can help us to better understand the historical context of our books. We also looked at the settings in which our books take place. The students LOVED seeing pictures from France, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark and the other places their books take place.

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