Valentine’s Day Party

Hello Parents! Next week Friday, February 12 our class will be celebrating Valentine’s Day! Here is some information that might be helpful.

  • Students may pass out Valentine’s Day cards to their classmates.
  • Students may bring in homemade Valentine’s boxes or bags from home if they would like. If not, please have them bring a bag so they can take home their cards.
  • Here is our class list:
    1. Neeko Alighire
    2. Sean Black
    3. Robbie Stoken
    4. Aysia Charles
    5. Zachary Dubicki
    6. Tom DuJardin
    7. Eliana Freed
    8. Sam Harman 
    9. Kaitlyn Jaroh
    10. Jay Lozon
    11. Rhylin Marlink 
    12. Evelyn Moeggenberg
    13. Lyla Palmer
    14.  Claire Pepper
    15. Macy Purwin
    16. Mason Pyke
    17. Cruz Santana
    18. Hailey Segard
    19. Olivia Voss
    20.  Braylee Weirsma
    21.  Kayler Wiersma
    22.  Ryan Younts
  • Please sign up here if you would like to bring in any of the listed materials for our party! Thank you so much for your contribution! You are wonderful! Sign up HERE!

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