Week 25 Highlight’s!

Notes for Parents

  • We love and so appreciate all the help that we have gotten from parent helpers! Please check out this link if you would like to be a take home book helper! We need some spots to be filled and would greatly appreciate the help!
  • Please sign and return conference time slips to school so by Friday, February 28th so I know if you can make your assigned time or if I need to reschedule you.


We celebrated Elliot’s half birthday this week!

Nolan got our Quote of the week for working hard to do the right thing and being the best he can be!


Our Learning

Reading–  This week we worked on new reading comprehension strategies. Student’s learned how to monitor their own reading by asking, “Am I getting it?”, and making a movie in their mind.

Writing–  This week we started to explore persuasive letters. We read a variety of books which included persuasive letters. Our class wrote our own persuasive letter to Mrs. Reagen asking for jump ropes for recess!

Math–  Student worked on word problem using addition and subtraction. They also worked on adding three addends together using mental math or clap and count on.

Word Study–  This week we continued to learn about vowel teams like ai and ay. We played heads up with our partners to practice snap word. Students were very excited to receive a post card from our class mascot, Rasheed.


  • Monday, February 24
    • Library
    • STEAM
  • Tuesday, February 25
    • MUSIC
  • Wednesday, February 26
    • PE
  • Thursday, February 27
    • ART
  • Friday, February 28
    • STEAM

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